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Important Washer and Dryer Maintenance with Storage Units in Grand Junction Kansas

Our laundry machines can be the unsung heroes of our homes, diligently scrubbing away grime and smells from our clothes while we accomplish other tasks. However, all this magic does come with a price, and if you’re not careful, your washer or dryer may cause a lot of hassle and mess without proper maintenance.

The good news is you don’t have to hire a handyman to come out and do it all for you–we’ve done the research and compiled some …

Affordable Self Storage Rock Springs

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A Charity Changing the Housing Game with Affordable Self Storage Rock Springs

The word “home” can conjure up many memories and emotions for anyone you may talk to, regardless of culture or stage of life. For many, home is a place of safety, love, and care–but for others, this is not the case. In today’s world, a stunning 1 billion people–mothers and fathers, children and elderly–don’t have adequate shelter, something that most would consider a basic human need.

When Brett Hagler took a trip to Haiti, he saw families surviving in tents …

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At Home Fitness Options with Public Storage Grand Junction KS

Being more active is usually one of the top resolutions that we like to make in the New Year, but sometimes our unrealistic ideals (like going to the gym everyday or running a marathon by the end of the year) leave us quitting a few weeks in. For those who don’t have the option of a gym membership and live in a climate where the weather makes outdoor exercise difficult, here are five tried and true workout programs that can …