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Things to Do with a Spare Room: Storage Units in Junction City

If you’ve upgraded your housing situation recently and moved into a home that allows you “room to grow”, you may find yourself with more rooms than you have furniture to fill. It’s a minimalist’s dream come true, but there’s no reason to waste that extra living space if it serve a purpose in your life. Here are some ideas of the most popular ways to use a spare room.

Guest Room

This may be a bit obvious–or maybe you already …

Storage Rock Springs

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House Repairs to DIY: All About Storage Rock Springs

Home maintenance can be a lot of work, and sometimes it can feel like there’s no way to keep up! Besides the normal cleaning and maintenance of the inside and yard of your home, there are many random items that need to be taken care of every year or few years–and if these things are neglected, they can turn into a big problem!

While some issues are definitely worthy of a professional, there is a lot of information available to …

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Five Simple Wedding Trends for a Unique Ceremony with Cheap Storage Units Junction City KS

Weddings are a great time for a bride and groom to come together with family and friends and express their own unique style through the big celebration. In today’s culture, less couples are concerned with tradition and opulence and more are feeling free to design a day that makes their loved ones feel comfortable, their relationship feel celebrated, and their day one that they look back on with joy.

While many traditional aspects of weddings remain, there are lots of …